New Microsoft Security Certification Exams in Beta

Microsoft just announced 4 new Microsoft Security Certification beta exams. These new exams have the exam codes SC-900, SC-200, SC-300, and SC-400. All of the exams are related to different security topics, and all of them come with an 80% discount code for the first 300 people. The seats are offered on a first-come, first-served basis. You must register for the exam on or before March 15, 2021. Take the exam as soon as possible, so we can leverage your comments, feedback, and exam data in our evaluation of the quality of the questions. You can find the discount codes on Microsoft Tech Community.

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Exam SC-900: Microsoft Security, Compliance, and Identity Fundamentals (beta)

This exam is targeted to those looking to familiarize themselves with the fundamentals of security, compliance, and identity (SCI) across cloud-based and related Microsoft services.

This is a broad audience that may include business stakeholders, new or existing IT professionals, or students who have an interest in Microsoft security, compliance, and identity solutions.

Candidates should be familiar with Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365 and understand how Microsoft security, compliance, and identity solutions can span across these solution areas to provide a holistic and end-to-end solution.
Skills measured

Describe the concepts of security, compliance, and identity (5-10%)
Describe the capabilities of Microsoft identity and access management solutions (25-30%)
Describe the capabilities of Microsoft security solutions (30-35%)
Describe the capabilities of Microsoft compliance solutions (25-30%)

You can find more information, the discount code and the link to register here on the exam page.
Exam SC-200: Microsoft Security Operations Analyst (beta)

The Microsoft Security Operations Analyst collaborates with organizational stakeholders to secure information technology systems for the organization. Their goal is to reduce organizational risk by rapidly remediating active attacks in the environment, advising on improvements to threat protection practices, and referring violations of organizational policies to appropriate stakeholders.

Responsibilities include threat management, monitoring, and response by using a variety of security solutions across their environment. The role primarily investigates, responds to, and hunts for threats using Microsoft Azure Sentinel, Azure Defender, Microsoft 365 Defender, and third-party security products. Since the Security Operations Analyst consumes the operational output of these tools, they are also a critical stakeholder in the configuration and deployment of these technologies.
Skills measured

Mitigate threats using Microsoft 365 Defender (25-30%)
Mitigate threats using Azure Defender (25-30%)
Mitigate threats using Azure Sentinel (40-45%)

You can find more information, the discount code and the link to register here on the exam page.
Exam SC-300: Microsoft Identity and Access Administrator (beta)

The Microsoft Identity and Access Administrator designs, implements, and operates an organization’s identity and access management systems by using Azure Active Directory (Azure AD). They manage tasks such as providing secure authentication and authorization access to enterprise applications. The administrator provides seamless experiences and self-service management capabilities for all users. Adaptive access and governance are core elements to the role. This role is also responsible for troubleshooting, monitoring, and reporting for the identity and access environment.

The Identity and Access Administrator may be a single individual or a member of a larger team. This role collaborates with many other roles in the organization to drive strategic identity projects to modernize identity solutions, to implement hybrid identity solutions, and to implement identity governance.
Skills measured

Implement an identity management solution (25-30%)
Implement an authentication and access management solution (25-30%)
Implement access management for apps (10-15%)
Plan and implement an identity governance strategy (25-30%)

You can find more information, the discount code and the link to register here on the exam page.
Exam SC-400: Microsoft Information Protection Administrator (beta)

he Information Protection Administrator plans and implements controls that meet organizational compliance needs. This person is responsible for translating requirements and compliance controls into technical implementation. They assist organizational control owners to become and stay compliant.

They work with information technology (IT) personnel, business application owners, human resources, and legal stakeholders to implement technology that supports policies and controls necessary to sufficiently address regulatory requirements for their organization. They also work with the compliance and security leadership such as a Chief Compliance Officer and Security Officer to evaluate the full breadth of associated enterprise risk and partner to develop those policies.

This person defines applicable requirements and tests IT processes and operations against those policies and controls. They are responsible for creating policies and rules for content classification, data loss prevention, governance, and protection.
Skills measured

Implement information protection (35-40%)
Implement data loss prevention (30-35%)
Implement information governance (25-30%)

You can find more information, the discount code and the link to register here on the exam page.

I hope this provides you with an overview of the new Microsoft Security certification exams. Of course, I will be sharing my Study Guides for the exams in the next coming days. I highly recommend that you also check out my how to learn Microsoft Azure in 2021 blog and my exam study guides for other Microsoft exams.

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