Microsoft #AzureStack installation in the VirtualLab for #Education with #IntelNUC


After Racking and Stacking the DellEMC PowerEdge R630 POC Server in the 19″ Rack It’s time to install Microsoft Azure Stack TP3 ( Technical Preview 3) on the Machine.

First of all Pim and I installed the DellEMC iDRAC version 8 interface to get Remote access and to boot from Virtual Media to install Microsoft Windows Server 2016.

Here we Boot Windows Server 2016 from Virtual Media.

Then we Choose in the LifeCycle Controller for Configure RAID and Deploy an OS.

Virtual Media

We got SSD and SATA storage in the DellEMC PowerEdge R630
From here we just installed Microsoft Windows Server 2016 on the Machine :

After installing Microsoft Windows Server 2016 we are ready to download Azure Stack TP3 and used the following Technical docs:

Microsoft Azure Stack Docs Online

AzureStack Tools on GitHub

We run the AzureStack Checker as Administrator

And of Course is our DellEMC PowerEdge R630 Beast Ready to GO 😉

You can Download AzureStack TP3 here

The Microsoft AzureStack virtual Disk is made.

.\PrepareBootFromVHD.ps1 -CloudBuilderDiskPath C:\CloudBuilder.vhdx -ApplyUnattend
If you execute this exact command, you will be prompted to enter the AdminPassword parameter.
During execution of this script, you will have visibility to the bcdedit command execution and output.

When the script execution is complete, you will be asked to confirm reboot. If there are other users logged in, this command will fail, run the following command to continue:
Restart-Computer -Force

We disabled the other NIC’s because AzureStack POC uses only one NIC.

Before we Run de AzureStack Script, we made a Azure Active Directory User as Global Administrator like for example :

If you don’t have a Microsoft Azure subscription you can get one here

We run the AzureStack Script with the following Powershell commando in Administrator modus :

.\InstallAzureStackPOC.ps1 -NatIPv4Subnet -NatIPv4Address -NatIPv4DefaultGateway

This AzureStack Script runs for a couple of hours.

The Script got a couple of Phases to go.

Ready successfully after almost 5 hours running AzureStack Script 😉

Now you can start the Remote Desktop Connection to MAS-CON01 :

On the Desktop you see a link to the AzureStack Admin Portal and a Link to the User Portal of AzureStack.

Login with your Azure AD Account.

YES ! Microsoft Azure Cloud in the Classroom for Students with the DellEMC PowerEdge R630 AzureStack Machine is a fact !

Our Next blogpost will be on Configuring the AzureStack TP3 and make Cloud Tenants for the Students