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Integrated security for IoT

The use of IIoT continues to advance. By 2025 there will be more than 40 billion networked devices, many of which will be located in factories needing a secure base with which they can respond to new threats. Integrated security for IoT A study carried out by IDC shows that 42% of German companies have…

Gas Detector

IOT Based LPG/CNG Gas Leakage Detection & Alert Using Arduino UNO, ESP8266, THINGSPEAK by kavin sharma January 30, 2018 Safety for all must be insured in today’s world and it is necessary that efficient and proactive safety systems should be implemented in public places and households. This project modifies the existing safety model installed in industries…


Industrial Design for the Internet of Things



Getting an excel list of all Azure Virtual machines

Now i don’t think i’m unique in getting frustrated that from some of the Azure portal screens there is no download as csv option or a more effective filter to show exactly what i want. A prime example which has annoyed me a few times is just getting a list of all my virtual machines…