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Toolbox: Monitoring Part 2

Toolbox: Monitoring Part 2 PowerShell, XenApp 6.5 so after Part 1, let’s continue with Part 2. Originally, it wasn’t my plan to have a Part 2 in the first place. When I started writing the script, it was my goal to include all checks into a single script. I rather quickly abandoned that idea because…

Citrix Xenapp 6.5 documentation script update version 5.04

You can always find this script in the Archive section by going to

10 Building Home Lab – Citrix XenServer Host and Pool Configuration

Now that you have installed the XenServer host, the host’s configuration can begin. As stated in the Introduction article, Citrix uses XenCenter to manage one or more XenServer hosts. The first thing needed is to download XenCenter from Citrix, or browse to the IP address of the XenServer host and download either the XenCenter CD…